Reload Studios, Inc. Rebrands to Studio Roqovan, Inc.

Repositioning reflects growth of corporate goals

Los Angeles, CA (October 4th, 2016) – Reload Studios, a leading developer in the virtual reality industry, announced today that it is rebranding its corporate name to Studio Roqovan, Inc.  The name change reflects the company’s broader scope as their business model shifts from simple game development to a broader focus on IP content creation.  This was hinted early on by the creation of Rascali, a division handling content to focus on education and non-gaming entertainment projects.

”When we started Reload Studios two years ago, everyone in our core crew was coming from different places in their lives, and we all needed to ‘reload’ to focus on this new direction,” states CEO James Chung.  “That was important then, and really defined our identity.  Now the company has matured to launch our first major product with World War Toons, and we are deep in development on several other projects to move strategically beyond gaming.  Shedding yesterday’s glory to embrace the next steps and beyond, we felt strongly that we’re beginning a new identity.  We needed to rebrand ourselves.”

“Roqovan” itself is an original word borrowing the “R” from Reload, embracing the hard “Roq” edge, and inspired by the rooster icon to be the first to wake up to the dawn of the new VR industry – which is why the word is similar to the French dish “Coq au Vin.”  Roqovan is already pushing the limits of VR, and stands at the cutting edge of this brave new frontier to wake up the rest of the world to the possibilities.

Since 2014 Studio Roqovan, Inc. has been a frontrunner in the VR industry with the soon-to-be-released first person shooter World War Toons as well as the creation of their subsidiary Rascali, which created WoofbertVR and is currently working on three VR shows titled Raven, The Storybox Project, and animated shorts based on World War Toons.  Also announced today in conjunction with the name change, the company is creating Project Time Machine, which transports users to an alternate past to witness a battle between the WW2 juggernauts USS Iowa and Japan’s Yamato.

COO Taehoon Oh adds, “In the last few years, we have been at the center of the VR market explosion. Because of the incredible talents of the team at Roqovan we’re now in a position to take advantage of this incredible opportunity, so rebranding was a natural step to reflect that momentum. We look forward to becoming a key studio dedicated to producing premium VR content whether for interactive, narrative, or educational experiences.”

To accompany the rebranding and celebrate the launch of World War Toons, Studio Roqovan, Inc. has released a new launch trailer.  The action-packed trailer features a rock song written by Emmy-nominated composer Matt McGuire and sung by Ken Stacey of the rock band Ambrosia.  The launch trailer gives viewers a glimpse into the unique characters and playstyle that they can expect from World War Toons and hints at the upcoming animated series produced by Rascali.

The new name is effective immediately and will be implemented across all current and future projects.

About Studio Roqovan, Inc.

Studio Roqovan, Inc. is a content development studio that is headed by CEO James Chung and COO Taehoon Oh.  They saw the re-emergence of VR technology and seized the opportunity to play a leading role in the future of video games and entertainment.  To support that vision, they’ve built a team filled with top-talent veterans from video games, animation, Hollywood/VFX, and other industry titans as well as building the non-gaming division Rascali, lead by Phillip Moses, focusing on educational and storytelling content.

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